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Pete Military

My Path to Jackson

I grew up on Air Force bases across the country, moving every 2 or 3 years before joining the National Guard on my 17th birthday and serving in the US Army during the first Gulf War. After working in construction, roofing in Texas (hot!) and working in the restaurant industry, I took a job in Vermont running a restaurant for a winter. I’d never been to a ski resort, but fell in love with the sport and moved to Jackson the next winter because I heard that’s where the real skiing was.

Sense of Community

That was 20 years ago, and while I still get out on the hill, and still enjoy mountain biking and paragliding and hiking and all the amazing outdoor recreation in Jackson Hole, what kept me here was a sense of community. My military upbringing meant that I’d never experienced that before; families came and went as we did, and I had no place to go back to or call home. Jackson became that place, and while I had only planned to come here for a winter, I never really considered leaving.

Pete Summit
Pete Construction

Working Class

It hasn’t been easy. I still rent, and over the years I’ve worked in construction, as a server, bartender, restaurant manager, DJ, musician, baggage handler, front desk worker, writer and more, often at the same time. This summer I’m back to working construction to pay the bills. But I’ve always had a passion for learning and for making our community a better place, and I know that my experience will be needed on the next council.


I’m looking forward to continuing the great work that the council has done during my term, and I ask for your support in this November’s election.

Pete Muldoon

Pete Nature
Pete Nature

Elect Pete Muldoon

for Jackson Town Council

I have the courage and vision to make the hard decisions that are needed for our town to reach its full potential, and I’m looking forward to serving Jackson again under our next mayor.

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It’s more important than ever to make sure our government is working for those who are often left behind when big money is the loudest voice in the room. I have always been that voice, and I will continue to be.